China: 279 Church Leaders Sign Petition Urging Government to Stop Its ‘Violent Actions’

A public letter urging the Chinese government to stop its “violent actions” against Christians has been signed by some 279 church leaders in the country, reports the St. Charles Institute.
In central Henan province alone, two-thirds of churches have closed and more than 7,000 crosses have been demolished after pressure from authorities.Read More →

Police Shatter Believer's Skull, Leaving Her Unconscious

A member of The Church of Almighty God was illegally arrested and inhumanely interrogated for 25 days, eventually, ending up in a hospital. According to sources, on April 26, Liu Xin (pseudonym), a member of The Church of Almighty God, a Chinese Christian new religious movement, was shopping with her granddaughter when three or four plainclothes police officers suddenly arrested her. They handcuffed Liu Xin, escorted her home, and raided it, confiscating a large number of religious books and optical discs.Read More →