religious freedom

Believers Forced to Attend Government-Controlled Churches

In February, more than 30 government officials paid a visit to Pastor Li Zheng’s (pseudonym) home in Yunnan’s Fugong county. His home was a house church with nearly 150 members. The officials were there to order him to shut it down, claiming, “Privately setting up a meeting place was a violation of the law.” They also told him to attend the government-controlled Three-Self Protestant church in his neighborhood instead.Read More →

Police Shatter Believer's Skull, Leaving Her Unconscious

A member of The Church of Almighty God was illegally arrested and inhumanely interrogated for 25 days, eventually, ending up in a hospital. According to sources, on April 26, Liu Xin (pseudonym), a member of The Church of Almighty God, a Chinese Christian new religious movement, was shopping with her granddaughter when three or four plainclothes police officers suddenly arrested her. They handcuffed Liu Xin, escorted her home, and raided it, confiscating a large number of religious books and optical discs.Read More →

Mosques Lying in Ruins

After the 19th CPC (Communist Party of China) National Congress, Chinese government has launched unprecedented persecution and repression against Islam. With approximately a million Muslims put under arrest and detention and a large number of mosques forcefully demolished, Islamic beliefs and human rights of Muslims are in serious crisis.Read More →