Christian Wang Hongli Driven to Mental Breakdown and Suicide by the CCP Police’s Long-Term Harassment

Wang Hongli (pseudonym Xiaozhen), female, was born in May 1971 and lived in Yongle Town, Xixian New Area, Shaanxi Province. She came to believe in the Lord Jesus in 1994 and joined The Church of Almighty God in 2008. She was arrested by the police of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) while in a gathering in 2013. After her release, unable to withstand all those years of the police’s threats and harassment, she committed suicide by swallowing pesticides in August 2018, at just 47 years old.

On August 4, 2013, Wang Hongli was arrested by the police of Jingwei Town in Gaoling County while she was in a gathering. The police were unable to get the information on the church they wanted through interrogation, so they released her the following day.

The arrest at this time made them create a file on her at the police station, prompting her husband to divorce her. In 2016, Wang Hongli remarried and managed to evade local police surveillance. However, the CCP police did not let her slip away; they still tried everything to ascertain her whereabouts.

On July 5, 2017, police from the Chongwenta North Road Police Station in Jinghe New City, Xixian New Area found her parents’ home with the help of the village secretary. They threatened her family members, telling them that they would be arrested if they didn’t disclose her whereabouts, and she would also be listed as a wanted criminal. Her family were pushed into calling her and telling her to come home.

After 9 a.m. on July 7, two male officers from the Chongwenta North Road Police Station rushed to Wang Hongli’s home to question her on whether she still believed in Almighty God; they also ransacked the entire place right then and there. When they were unable to find any evidence of her faith, they demanded her cell phone number and took photos of her as well as the interior and exterior of the home before they left. At that time, only Wang Hongli herself was at home, and she felt very scared. In a message she sent to the church, she wrote: “This blow has really weakened me, but I’ve seen God’s protection. The police failed to find any evidence of my faith.”

On May 7, 2018, a village cadre called Wang Hongli to summon her to the village committee office where five National Security Brigade officers had already been waiting for some time. The police questioned her on whether she still believed in God and who the church leader was. One officer also asked her: “Why didn’t you respond to our text message? We need to know what you’re doing!” They let her go after questioning. After that she continued to receive frequent menacing text messages from the police; this harassment was enormously stressful for her. She wrote in a letter to the church: “The police are constantly messaging me, disturbing me. I’m feeling really distraught and I can’t get any peace of mind all day.”

In July 2018, the police started frequently showing up at Wang Hongli’s house to harass her—it had ramped up from once a week to once every two or three days. Every time, four officers would drive a police car over and charge into her home wearing their police uniforms, pestering and interrogating her for half an hour or longer. They breathed down her neck more and more to the point that she was frequently unable to eat or sleep—her suffering was great. Tormented, at one point she confided in her mother that she was afraid if she was arrested, she’d be unable to withstand the torture and would sell out other brothers and sisters in the church, which was something she didn’t want to do. She didn’t dare have any contact with them for fear of implicating them. Also afraid that the police harassment would have a negative impact on her relationship with her husband, she never mentioned to him the police’s long-term harassment, quietly shouldering the burden on her own.

At 9 a.m. on August 2, 2018, four officers from the Chongwenta North Road Police Station once again burst into Wang Hongli’s home to interrogate her and left after about half an hour. Unable to bear the long-term police harassment any longer, she killed herself by drinking pesticides that very day. At 10 a.m. on August 3, her family found her corpse in the bathroom of her new home in the Anju Jinghe Community.

Wang Hongli was driven to her end by the Chinese Communist government. This is ironclad proof of the CCP’s persecuting Christians to death.