CAG Christian Jiang Guiqin Persecuted to the Point of Suicide by CCP

Jiang Guiqin (pseudonym Fan Ying), female, 54 years old, was from Jinzhou City in Liaoning Province and joined The Church of Almighty God (CAG) in 1998. In December 2018, weak and illness-ridden Jiang Guiqin was arrested and tortured to extort a confession by CCP police because of her faith in Almighty God. After her release, her family was ordered by the Party and began to oppose and hinder her faith in God. Left without a path, she committed suicide by overdosing on medication and left this world full of hatred.

Just past 10:00 a.m. on December 21, 2018, police with the Dahushan Town Police Station in Heishan County, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province located and found Jiang Guiqin’s home through her tablet. Four plainclothes officers barged in just like bandits and without showing any documentation. They turned the entire place upside-down in their search, going for hours until around 1:00 p.m. At this point Jiang Guiqin, who suffered from a heart condition, bronchitis, and epilepsy was so frightened that she had an episode, falling to the floor and curling into a ball in a convulsion. But the police didn’t care if she lived or died, and dragged her into the police car to be taken to the Dahushan Town Police Station.

At the police station Jiang Guiqin was unable to sit up because of her health issue, so they locked her in an iron cage for interrogation. They demanded to know, “Who’s your upper-level leader? How about the lower-level one? If you don’t talk you’re going to get a sentence!” She didn’t say anything at all. They were on the verge of putting her into detainment, but her family was able to pull some strings and they signed a guarantee, so she was finally released at 4 o’clock that afternoon.

The police continued to pressure Jiang’s family to get her to divulge information on church leadership, saying, “Belief in Almighty God has implications for three generations. They can’t be promoted to cadre, join the Party, join the military, or take the civil service exam. Go back and really advise her, tell her to hurry up and confess and give up her faith!” Though her family had originally been supportive of her faith, after experiencing police pressure they started to oppose and hinder it. Jiang’s son started demanding to know the names and addresses of the Christians who frequently came to the house, but she was determined not to tell anyone.

On December 23, Jiang Guiqin was no longer able to bear the pressure from both the CCP government and her family members, so she left a parting note for her family: “I’ve been backed into a corner and lack any human rights!” She then took a large quantity of aminophylline and left this world at 6:00 p.m. on the 24th, full of bitterness at just 54 years old.

Jiang Guiqin’s sudden death was an enormous blow and wound to her family. Her son, full of regret, said with self-reproach, “If I hadn’t applied all that pressure to her she never would have killed herself!”

The CCP’s despicable tactic of implicating three generations for a person’s faith incited her family members’ hatred and led this Christian, who had been very much alive, into a dead end.