Guangxi, Propaganda Against “Cults and Illegal Religion” Enters Corporations

The Wuzhou headquarters of Guangxi Zhaoxin Pingzhou Electronics hosted a pilot program of intensive indoctrination.

by Liang Changpu

Employees prepare for the indoctrination drill at Guangxi Zhaoxin Pingzhou Electronics. From Weibo.

When it comes to propaganda against “illegal religion,” Chinese citizens are not even left alone in the workplace.

In Wuzhou, a prefecture-level city in Guangxi province, the Longxu District Justice Bureau introduced mandatory indoctrination against “xie jiao and illegal religion” for factory workers and employees. A pilot indoctrination workshop was conducted at Guangxi Zhaoxin Pingzhou Electronics, a large and well-known company.

Company employees told “Bitter Winter” that they were served standard fare about the xie jiao, targeting Falun Gong, the Association of Disciples, and The Church of Almighty God. However, confirming the expansive notion of xie jiao prevailing in Xi Jinping’s China, workers were told that any group opposing “science” and Marxism is also a “xie jiao”; this includes “illegal religion,” i.e., anything that is not part of the government-controlled five authorized religions.

A special desk was set up at the headquarters of Guangxi Zhaoxin Pingzhou Electronics where mandatory classes were held, and booklets were distributed. Some of them, an employee reported, explicitly promoted atheism under the guise of “science.”

The experiment was described by the Longxu District Justice Bureau as “extremely successful” and will continue in other companies and factories, perhaps not in Guangxi only.