12.10 Rally in Germany: Stand With HK and Oppose CCP Tyranny

ADHRRF – On December 10, 2019, the International Human Rights Day, a demonstration themed “Stand With Hong Kong Students and Citizens” was held before the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, Germany. Demonstrators including over 300 German teachers and students gathered to protest against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tyranny and show their solidarity with HK people fighting for freedom and human rights.

Protestors hold the flag of “Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times” in support of HK’s anti-extradition protest.

During the past 6 months of anti-extradition protest, the whole world is shaken by HK young people’s great willpower and determination to fight against the CCP authoritarian regime. About 340 teachers and students of Rhein-Maas Vocational College made their journey to Berlin from over 310 miles away to specially join the demonstration. Around 10:40 in the morning, students and representatives from organizations including the Independent Chinese PEN Center (ICPC), the Association for the Defense of Human Rights and Religious Freedom (ADHRRF), and The Church of Almighty God (CAG) started to march toward the Chinese Embassy from A&O Berlin Mitte hotel. They held 8 banners to form the word “Hong Kong” with each having a big red letter and words “We Stand With” and kept on chanting slogans like “Human Rights,” “Free Hong Kong,” and “Stand With Hong Kong,” attracting many passers-by to pause to watch the rally.

Demonstrators hold 8 banners to form the word “Hong Kong,” with each having a big red letter and words “We Stand With”.

It took about half an hour before the march arrived at the Chinese Embassy and joined the gathering of Uyghurs, Tibetans, and Hongkongers. Mrs. Tienchi Martin-Liao, President of the ICPC, gave a brief introduction of HK’s anti-extradition protest. The 2019 theme of International Human Rights Day is Youth Standing Up for Human Rights. She expressed her gratitude for the support of the present 340 German teachers and students.

On International Human Rights Day, the rally marches toward the Chinese Embassy in Berlin.

ADHRRF representative sharply condemned the excessive use of violence by HK police and pointed it out that the fight between democratic forces and despotic tyrannies has extended from HK to other parts of the world, calling on more people to stand up in support of Hong Kong, resolutely say no to the CCP tyranny and join the fight for HK’s human rights and democracy.

A CAG Christian stated in her speech that from the changes over the 22 years after the handover and the anti-extradition protest in the past six months, the people of Hong Kong have clearly seen the CCP’s ferocious face; the policy of “one country, two systems” and “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” is just a blatant lie, and without further fight, HK will be completely in the control of the CCP. Numerous facts have shown that where the Communist Party rules, there disasters and catastrophes follow. The CCP is undoubtedly the evilest satanic force in the world. At the end, she called on the German government to enact the Magnitsky Act and impose severe sanctions on the CCP persecutors of human rights.

Representatives from the Tibet Initiative Deutschland e.V. and the World Uyghur Congress talked separately the human rights persecution suffered by their people and other religious groups. They both mentioned that our stand on supporting HK benefits ourselves.

Pastor Roland Kühne, President Tienchi Martin-Liao, and student representatives place 30 white roses symbolizing human rights in front of the Chinese Embassy.

At the event, Pastor Roland Kühne led students to read aloud the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with each article read three times. After they finished reading one article, a student would come out to put a white rose on the banner lying on the ground. In the end, Pastor Roland Kühne, President Tienchi Martin-Liao, and student representatives placed 30 white roses symbolizing human rights in front of the Chinese Embassy. Pastor Roland Kühne called out to the embassy staff, “White rose stands for the demand for freedom and human rights, as well as the fight against violence and dictatorship. We are here today, speaking for Taiwan, Hong Kong and all the people who strive for freedom. We express our strong will and deliver a warning to the Chinese Government: If you continue violating human rights, the world will stand up against you.”