The CCP Plays Tricks in a Bid to Arrest Exiled Christians

ADHRRF – Since Xi Jinping took office, the Chinese Communist authorities have been continuously intensifying the suppression and persecution of religious freedom, which has resulted in large number of Christians being arrested and abused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Some Christians in mainland China were forced to flee overseas, but the persecution has never stopped. It is learned that the authorities are currently conducting a full-scale mapping exercise, investigating Christians who fled overseas and using various methods in an attempt to forcibly extradite them back to China.

Recently, a source in mainland China said that at 16:00 on June 1, 2018, an unknown man, who called himself a volunteer, suddenly dropped in the house of the couple Liu Aizhen and Chen Zhongming (Christians of The Church of Almighty God under pseudonyms) in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. This man said to the couple, “I am a volunteer to help search for people. Your son is in Korea. Is his real name Chen?” The couple couldn’t understand why the stranger who suddenly dropped in knew the situation of their son so well.

The man went on saying, “If you want to find your son, I can help you. The family of a believer who has gone abroad are usually all believers in Almighty God. Do you also believe in Almighty God? I used to be a believer and my wife is also a believer. She went to South Korea in 2012 and has just been brought back recently. There are 800 believers in The Church of Almighty God in South Korea, and we have personnel there, who can pass on their internal information to us. I previously led people to demonstrate in South Korea. If you want to find your son, you can call me. I am available anytime from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.”

Chen Zhongming asked: “Do you have any credentials?” The strange man said: “I resigned on the 26th of last month (May 2018) so I don’t have a working card.” The man’s identity and what he said made Chen Zhongming and his wife puzzled. Later it’s learned that this person is surnamed Yang, 53 years old, and is a member of Hebei Anti-cult Association, “610 Office” of China.

Some analysts believe that the authorities put much thought into this action. After they have investigated and mastered the information of Christians fleeing abroad, they go undercover to wheedle and coax their domestic families. Once their objective is reached, the families of these Christians are likely to be used by the authorities as tools to threat Christians to return to China.

It’s learned that it is not the first time for the CCP to coax and coerce domestic relatives of fugitive Christians abroad to go to democratic countries like South Korea, attempting to disrupt The Church of Almighty God. The CCP has ever sent secret agents to South Korea to hold protests and press conferences to build up public opinion, discrediting and attacking The Church of Almighty God. Furthermore, it forcibly interferes and prevents the democracies from approving political asylum applications of these exiled Christians.