Muslims Forced to Show Support for CCP

Muslims Forced to Show Support for CCP

Muslims in Xinjiang are being forced to participate in drills that involve marching in considerable numbers to endorse the Chinese Communist Party.

In July, more than 400 Muslims in a Xinjiang village marched towards a mosque and yelled, “we will support the Communist Party and fight the Three Forces; we will have national unity.” “Three forces” refers to the triad of terrorism, separatism, and religious extremism in China.

It was raining heavily that night, and everyone was completely drenched by the time the drill was over. No one had the choice to refuse to participate. The group was comprised of Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and Huis, all of whom are adherents of the Islamic faith. Such a marching group is known as a “club squad.”

Ever since May this year, local governments in Muslim majority areas have implemented a measure where they sound an alarm every night. This alarm is a call for all Muslims to show up to such drills with their wooden clubs; no matter how far they live or what they are doing at the moment. If someone refuses to participate, they are sent to a “transformation through education” camp.

The Chinese Communist Party implemented revised Regulations on Religious Affairs, and its effect has been seen in a myriad of ways across the country. These drills are just one of the ways in which Muslims are being persecuted for their faith.

Source: BITTER WINTER / Chang Xin