Christian Ye Jianjun Dies After Persecution by Chinese Communist Police Until Mental Collapse

Ye Jianjun, male, born on December 9, 1950 in the Longkou Economic Development Zone in Longkou City, Shandong Province. He was an ordinary worker in the city’s glass factory. Ye Jianjun first believed in the Lord Jesus in 1987, and then in 1998 joined The Church of Almighty God (CAG). He is honest, well-behaved, served enthusiastically, and enjoyed spreading the gospel, and frequently went to the Shandong cities of Penglai and Yantai to do so. In 1999 when he was out sharing the gospel, he was arrested by the Chinese Communist Government and was brutally tortured to the point that he had a schizophrenic break. Thirteen years later he departed this world, his name still not cleared.

According to the recollections of Ye Jianjun’s wife Ju Hua (alias), on one day in May 1999, Ye Jianjun took a taxi back home after having been away for more than ten days. He had a dull look in his eyes and didn’t have a single penny on him. Ju Hua led him into the house after paying his fare. When she saw that he had thinned to the point that he was a bag of bones and he seemed very absent-minded, she questioned him and discovered that he had been arrested while spreading the gospel. The police had tied him to a metal chair and brutally boxed his ears, swiftly alternating sides. They didn’t stop until his hearing was impaired. During the interrogation and torture, they deprived him of food and water for five days.

When Ju Hua learned that her husband still had not eaten she rushed to prepare some rice gruel. When eating, after Ye Jianjun had taken a few sips, he started to stare blankly, walked into the middle of the courtyard with the bowl, and poured out the food bit by bit. After it was empty, he suddenly let go of the bowl and it broke into pieces. Ju Hua prepared water to wash his feet and urged him several times, but he would not wash. Instead he kicked the basin over and beat Ju Hua. This was when she finally realized that he had become mentally unstable. Ye Jianjun’s family took him to the Shandong Province Longkou City Huangshan Psychiatric Hospital, and he was given a diagnosis of schizophrenia. In the following few years, Ju Hua sold the family home to pay for his treatment, paying a total of over 30,000 RMB. However, there was no improvement at all.

In spite of his mental illness, the scars on Ye Jianjun’s soul and the grievances left behind from the brutal torture he had endured could not be erased. In 2009, Ye Jianjun would frequently say that he wanted to go to Beijing to make an appeal, and in May of that year he left home. Over ten days later, a call came from a shelter in Liaoning asking for Ye Jianjun’s family to go pick him up. After he returned home, he said that he wanted to go to Beijing to make a report but became ill when he got to Liaoning. He was saved by an elderly person who sent him to the shelter.

From the time that Ye Jianjun began suffering mental health problems from his 56 arrest and brutal torture by the police, he suffered discrimination and coldness from other people. In February of 2012, he passed away at the age of 63 without having his name cleared.