Christian Liu Jinsheng Falls Ill and Dies After Being Ravaged Body and Mind by Chinese Communist Government

Liu Jinsheng, male, born on October 17, 1940, lived in Wanzai County in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province. He joined The Church of Almighty God (CAG) in 2004. He had worked in traumatology as a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, had an outgoing personality, and was in good health.

In September 2009, after police with the Wanzai County Public Security Bureau learned that Liu Jinsheng was the custodian of 160,000 RMB of church’s money, they went to his home twice to conduct random searches and took all of his savings, putting him into serious financial straits. At the advanced age of 69, he was forced to do hard labor to make ends meet as well as endure his neighbors’ mockery. He became depressed from the psychological strain and the manual labor, and developed liver cancer. He passed away on September 16, 2011. The story of Liu Jinsheng’s search, arrest, and persecution to the point of death by the police of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is below.

Two Police Searches and Seizure of a 70-Year Old Christian’s Life Savings

After 9 p.m. one evening in September 2009, five Jiangxi Province police officers from three different areas burst into Liu Jinsheng’s home and conducted a random search without showing any paperwork. The officers from the Pingxiang City National Security Brigade, together with those from the Yichun City Public Security Bureau and Wanzai County Public Security Bureau, part of its intercity alliance, found some spiritual books as well as 30,000 RMB. He pleaded with the officers not to take his hard-earned life savings, but they didn’t pay him any mind and continued to ransack his home.

One officer used a hook to rip open a new quilt and broke apart cabinets and wooden boxes. When he couldn’t find the church’s money, he angrily demanded of Liu Jinsheng and his wife: “Tell me, where is the church’s 160,000 RMB?” They were so terrified that they were shaking; his wife fainted from fear and couldn’t speak. In spite of his fear, Liu Jinsheng resolutely would not sell out the church.

A little past midnight an officer took away the 30,000 RMB and spiritual books they had found along with the flashlights and a few yuan they had dug up from inside of food bags in their home. The entire place had been looted, and Liu Jinsheng himself was also taken to the Wanzai County Public Security Bureau.

Around 9 a.m. the next morning three officers once again burst into their home to conduct a search and took the last 1,000 RMB they had left to live on. They asked his wife about the whereabouts of the deposit slips for the church’s money and only left 79 after they couldn’t get any information from her.

Enduring Mockery and Suffering, Hard Labor Ends in Illness and Death

The police originally intended to send Liu Jinsheng to a labor camp, but they were afraid of bearing responsibility for any consequences because of his advanced age. After holding him for three days, they forced his family to pay 6,000 RMB as a ransom for his release.

After going back home Liu Jinsheng suffered incredibly: every last bit of his savings had been taken by the police; his spiritual books had been confiscated; his relatives, friends, and neighbors all looked at him differently, and mocked him; even the neighbors’ three- and four-year old children chased him with little whips. Before the search and arrest he would eat two bowls of food for every meal, he was in robust health, and was very outgoing. After his release he was always in low spirits, became quiet and withdrawn, and could barely get a small bowl of food down, and sometimes he couldn’t eat or sleep at all, and would secretly cry all alone. He became physically frail. A month later he started losing weight rapidly and even the skin on his face was sagging.

After that Liu Jinsheng had no choice but to farm and sell the vegetables in order to get by; he sometimes went into the hills to collect cedar branches in exchange for cash. Having never done hard labor before, he was frequently utterly exhausted. The CCP police had plundered every bit of his money so he didn’t have any extra funds for medical treatment; when he felt stomach pains he would just grit his teeth and get to work in order to save money.

By July of 2011 his stomach pains became so severe that he could no longer bear them and finally went to the hospital. He was diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer—it was untreatable.

On September 16 of 2011, Liu Jinsheng left this world at the age of 71.