CCP Threatens Christian to Recant Faith by Canceling Pensions

ADHRRF – After the 19th Party Congress, Chinese Communist authorities’ control and persecution against house churches continue a rising trend. The persecution of The Church of Almighty God is especially more severe.

Recently, the reporter learns that the Chinese Communist government has taken all sorts of measures to obstruct Christians from believing in God, and even the elderly in 70s cannot be spared, menaced to renounce their faith under the threat of canceling the pension. One of the victims is Yang Qiuxiang (alias, female, 72), a Christian of The Church of Almighty God in Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province.

At 3 p.m. on March 2, 2018, when Yang Qiuxiang was weeding in the field, village group leader Chen came to her and said, “Now Xi Jinping has issued an emergency notice to carry out total seizure of believers in God, aiming to catch all believers in one fell swoop. In the past, the government only arrested city dwellers, but now have also included villagers. Don’t believe in God anymore!” Receiving no response from Yang, Chen continued, “The secretary of our village committee has called me three times, saying that you are a believer in God. You are receiving a pension now. (But if you continue believing in God,) the pension will be canceled, and your family will get in trouble. There are even party members in your family. Stop believing in God!”

It is noted that in this February, the eldest son of Yang Qiuxiang warned her after a gathering of party members in the town, “Don’t believe in God anymore. Otherwise, if your pension is canceled, you will have nothing to live on. Now the government has held a meeting, asking all the party members to report for arresting the believers in God in the village. Failure to report will make us expelled from party membership.” Yang’s son has started to oppose her belief since then.

At present, after being threatened and terrified by the CCP, Yang Qiuxiang was restricted from having religious gatherings, feeling extremely depressed and anguished.