Three Christians Arrested, Detained and Abused for Preaching the Gospel in Shanghai

At 7 p.m. on December 5, 2012, three Christians by the names of Liang Meixiu (alias, female, 46, Suqian City), Yu Wenzhi and Chen Xueting (both aliases) were arrested by the police of a village police station in Baoshan District, Shanghai when they were preaching the gospel in that village. The police interrogated them about preaching the gospel and gave Liang Meixiu two hard slaps in the face. The next night, they three were transported to the detention center under police escort. In the detention center, three Christians were cruelly maltreated. Liang Meixiu was in her period then, but the police did not allow her to change sanitary napkins, so that her pants were all soaked with blood, which made her very unwell. The police took turns to interrogate and torture her, depriving her of sleep and causing her untold suffering. The three Christians were not released until they had been detained for 30 days.