Screening in Tokyo Calls for More Support to Hong Kong

ADHRRF — On October 5, a screening in support of Hong Kong was held at Hachikō square in Shibuya, Tokyo, by the Japanese kimono model Suzuko Hirano and Hong Kong people living in Japan to encourage more people to be aware of the real situation of Hongkongers’ fight for democracy and to stand up in solidarity with Hong Kong.

The site of the event at Hachikō square in Shibuya, Tokyo (Photo: ADHRRF)

At 6 p.m. local time that day, more than 60 people gathered at Hachikō square. The organizers displayed the videos of Hong Kong protests with a projector and had a live video chat with a Hong Kong citizen protester who introduced to the Japanese people the real situation of the demonstration in Hong Kong and highlighted their determination to fight for democracy and freedom.

The organizer is having a live video chat with the Hong Kong protester. (Photo: ADHRRF)

One of the event’s organizers is a Hong Kong student studying in Japan. He said that this movement in Hong Kong enabled him to see clearly that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is untrustworthy. He added that the people of Hong Kong will continue fighting as they are not only fighting for themselves, but also for preventing the next generation from growing up under the totalitarian rule.

A member of the Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) noted that Hong Kong was a prosperous, peaceful and stable city before it was handovered but now has become a “stinking port.” This is caused by the totalitarianism of the CCP and the incompetence of Hong Kong’s chief executive. He appealed for all people persecuted by the CCP to unite and fight against its totalitarianism.

A Japanese elder at the site expressed his sincere support to Hong Kong’s protest movement. He felt that the media today is invaded by lots of fake news, so it’s necessary to discern all the accessible information to know the truth. This event showed him the most realistic picture of Hong Kong, and he said that what is happening in Hong Kong is not only the problem for Hong Kong, but also for Taiwan and Japan, so there should be more people to stand up with Hong Kong.

Christians from The Church of Almighty God also participated in the event. A Christian said that the despotic dictatorship of the CCP has committed countless evil behaviors, which has waned its popularity and incurred resentment among the people. It will finally be cursed and punished by God. He added that although Hong Kong people may face a tougher future, they are not alone. More and more just people have and will stand with them.

The CAG Christian also called upon all the people with conscience to see clearly the tyranny nature of the CCP regime and support and help those groups and individuals who are being persecuted in China. He believed only the unity of just forces can lead to the collapse of the CCP’s dictatorship so that it will never again abuse the people of China as well as of the world.

The Church of Almighty God is a Christian new religious movement and has been brutally suppressed and persecuted by the Chinese Communist government since it was established in China in 1991. According to incomplete statistics of the Church, its members have suffered more than one million arrests. Many are tortured, sentenced and jailed. There are more than 100 well-documented death cases of CAG Christians as a result of persecution, and at least half a million are forced to flee their homes and go on the run.

The attending CAG Christians said the totalitarian oppression that Hong Kong people are experiencing resonates powerfully with them, who fled to Japan due to the brutal persecution of the CCP in China. It’s learned that this is the fifth event they attended in support of Hong Kong.

CAG Christians hold placards to support Hong Kong. (Photo: ADHRRF)

At the conclusion, people sang “Glory to Hong Kong,” the new “national” anthem of Hong Kong protestors, and chanted the slogans, “fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong,” “stay strong, Hong Kong,” etc. Many Japanese people donated for Hong Kong people, and some even asked the organizers to hand over their letters to the Hong Kong people arrested amid the protests.

Participants sing “Glory to Hong Kong.” (Photo: ADHRRF)