Sanming City: Skynet System Used, Special Investigation Team Established to Seize Christians

Sanming City: Skynet System Used, Special Investigation Team Established to Seize Christians
Many cities in mainland China have established a huge network monitoring system to monitor the people comprehensively (Internet Image)

ADHRRF – Operations by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government to seize members of The Church of Almighty God in provinces across the mainland China have once again been set in full motion, and there has been news of Christians being captured all over. Currently, the CCP is using a video surveillance system known as the “Skynet” project in Fujian province to comprehensively monitor and seize Christians and has established special investigation teams to conduct stringent interrogations on Christians.

Wang Xin (pseudonym) of Sanming City, Fujian is a member of The Church of Almighty God. On July 3, 2018, she was reported for believing in God, and captured by local police. According to an internal CCP leak, the police have classified Wang Xin’s case as a criminal investigation, and are using the “Skynet” surveillance system to track where Wang Xin has been, and hunt and arrest even more members of the Church.

After conducting the surveillance system search, on July 18, police captured Yan Yue (pseudonym), a member of the Church who once received Wang Xin. According to an insider account: That night, two police officers barged into Yan Yue’s home, and aggressively shouted at her: “You don’t even confess! We know all of your movements inside and out, including where you’ve gotten on and off of transportation, and what clothing you’ve worn.” Afterward, police uncovered and confiscated a laptop, two MP5 players, and other objects in a search of Yan Yue’s home, and took her away. To date, Yan Yue’s whereabouts are unknown.

According to an inside source, Sanming City is using the “Skynet” surveillance system to once again carry out a large-scale seizure operation against Christians, and using 3 leaders from a National Security Protection Bureau detachment to lead the way in establishing special investigation teams. The city is transferring police officers who have experience dealing with cases involving religious individuals from the Financial Investigation Squad, Criminal Investigation Unit, and local police to specifically take charge of hearing these cases. As far as the Christians are concerned, this is undoubtedly going to be yet another disaster for them.