Christian Liu Jinhua Brutally Murdered by Chinese Communist Police Victim

Liu Jinhua, female, born on June 18, 1987, resident of Pingchong Village, Ronghuan Town, Hengdong County, Hengyang City, Hunan Province; joined The Church of Almighty God (CAG) in September 2012. In August 2014, when Liu Jinhua was copying faith materials in a rental house at No. 61 Hengyue South Road, Chengguan Town, Hengdong County, Hengyang City, she was spotted and reported by the landlord Hu Ermei. Afterward, the police of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) surreptitiously stalked and monitored Liu. On the early morning of February 12, 2015, Liu Jinhua died tragically in the yard of her rental house. She was only 28 years old. According to an informed person Chen Hui (alias), on February 11, 2015, she came to Liu Jinhua’s rental house to discuss with Liu about belief in God, and she stayed overnight. On the following day (12th), at 6:05 before dawn, Liu Jinhua got up, went outside to the bathroom and never returned. At 8:05 in the morning, when Chen Hui got up and went outside to the bathroom, she saw Liu Jinhua lying on her back breathless, her limbs stretched out into a “spread eagle” shape. There was a small violet-black bruise beneath her left eye corner, and blood stain on her left nostril. When Chen Hui screamed in fear, four policemen from the Chengguan Town Police Station, He Jianheng, Tang Jing, Yan Qiao, etc., who had been hiding in ambush nearby, suddenly rushed forward. Without presenting any credentials, they arrested Chen Hui and escorted her to the Hengdong County Public Security Bureau for interrogation. Policeman Tang Jing kept pressing Chen about her relationship with the deceased, and pinned this case on Chen Hui, claiming that the deceased was killed by her.

Cover-Up by CCP Police Exposed

According to Liu Jinhua’s mother, Liu’s uncle rushed to her and her husband at 11:30 a.m. on February 12, 2015 and said, “The police just called and told the village secretary that Jinhua had committed suicide by jumping off a building. Her body was sent to the Hengdong County Crematorium!” On hearing this, Liu’s mother rushed to the funeral home in Hengdong County. In front of the mortuary refrigerator No. 1, Liu’s mother saw an egg-sized hole on top of Liu Jinhua’s head, and the scalp was gone. The cranial bones had collapsed, apparently caused by a blunt instrument like a hammer. Liu’s mother cried as she said, “This is not suicide. It is homicide!” After the incident was exposed, He Jianheng, a policeman from the Chengguan Town Police Station in Hengdong County, seized upon Liu Jinhua’s belief in Almighty God and threatened Liu’s mother, “We have been asking around for two or three months. Liu Jinhua believed in Almighty God. The state proscribes belief in Almighty God! We heard several people talking in her rental house a few days ago. So we surrounded the house at 5 o’clock this morning and finally caught her!” They further threatened, “Believing in Almighty God is against the Party and society. It is prohibited by the state. Any believer will be arrested. We will even arrest you if you believe in Almighty God!” After looking at the crime scene, the Liu family found that the window in Liu Jinhua’s room was reinforced with steel bars. It was simply impossible for her to jump out. When questioned by Liu’s father, the police couldn’t answer. They then lied that Liu Jinhua had attempted to commit suicide by swallowing Dichlorvos, but she later jumped off the roof because she could not stand the unbearable discomfort. The Liu family did not believe a word of the police. The standoff continued until 4 o’clock in the afternoon. In order to ascertain whether his daughter had taken poison, they reluctantly demanded an autopsy. At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, four forensic experts including Chen Jingquan and Zeng De of the Hengdong County Public Security Bureau conducted a craniotomy and laparotomy on Liu Jinhua’s cadaver. During the postmortem, Liu’s father did not smell any pesticide odor. He noticed a large bruise mark on Liu Jinhua’s left thigh and a small bruise on her lower left leg. At a glance, it was obvious that she had been beaten before her death. Liu Jinhua’s husband discovered that Liu’s trousers were torn on the outside of the right leg from the thigh to the knee. After the autopsy, the Hengdong County Public Security Bureau kept delaying without producing any autopsy report. On March 2, Liu’s father went to investigate the crime scene with a dozen or so relatives. They noticed two dried pools of blood at the entrance of the first floor where Liu Jinhua used to live. There were blood stains on the stairs from the first floor to the fourth floor. On the rooftop, there were two pot-sized blood stains covered with sand. After viewing the crime scene, the Liu family was absolutely convinced that Liu Jinhua had not died from self-inflicted poisoning, let alone committing suicide by jumping off a building! Instead, she was dragged from the entrance of the first floor to the fourth floor by the murderers and pushed down from the top of the building.

Police Carried out Assassination, Tried to Evade Culpability Under Guilty Conscience Through Smoke and Mirrors

In the face of so many factual proofs, the police knew that they were in the wrong and their position was indefensible. In order to cover up their criminal acts, they produced a false video to hoodwink the Liu family. On March 15, the Hengdong County Public Security Bureau police called and asked Liu’s father to come with several people to watch the video that showed the scene of Liu Jinhua’s death. Liu’s father watched the entire video and found that the police were falsifying and deceiving. He was extremely angry and questioned, “How did she get a hole in her head from jumping off a building? How was there blood stain from the first floor to the fourth floor? She absolutely did not die from jumping off the roof. She was beaten to death!” The forensic expert Chen Jingquan argued, “But no murder weapon was found on the scene! How could you claim she was beaten to death?” Then, Chen Jingquan produced a falsified certificate stating that Liu had died from swallowing Dichlorvos, but he did not announce the postmortem results of the craniotomy. When the Liu family saw the police deny everything, they found the help of Kang, a relative who worked in the Hengdong County government. Later, Kang said, “I asked Bin Jianfeng, the captain of the Hengdong County criminal police brigade. He said, ‘Had we known that she was your relative, we wouldn’t have killed her. We wouldn’t have beaten her so hard as we did.’” Kang then reproached Liu’s father, “Your daughter believed in Almighty God. The state arrests believers in Almighty God. What else do you have to say? There is nothing I can do about it.” On March 18, 2015, Liu’s family went to Hengdong County Public Security Bureau again to inquire about Liu Jinhua’s cause of death. The Public Security Bureau police unanimously said that Liu Jinhua killed herself by taking poison. Having nowhere to voice their grievances, the Liu family had to give up and leave helplessly. On the same day (18th), the Liu family cremated the body of Liu Jinhua.