A Christian Arrested and Cruelly Tortured by the CCP for Her Belief in Almighty God

A Christian from Gongyi City in Henan Province was arrested and interrogated by the CCP police because she believes in Almighty God. During her detainment, she was subjected to brutal beatings and torture.

Video screenshot

At 6 p.m. on July 24, 2019, around 10 police officers came charging into a gathering like a bunch of bandits and forced several Christians from The Church of Almighty God in the gathering, including Wang Hongxia (alias, female, 54 years old), into a corner, ordering them to stay still. They then proceeded to wantonly search through the house, seizing a laptop and a micro SD card with faith-related materials and then forced Wang Hongxia and another Christian to return with them to the local police station.

In the interrogation room, in order to get Wang Hongxia to divulge information about her position in the Church, the locations of various gathering places and the identities of the Church’s leaders, the chief of the National Security Brigade in the County Public Security Bureau surnamed Liu, dragged Wang Hongxia into the bathroom where there were no security cameras and forced her to kneel down on her knees and extend her arms straight out in front of her. If she failed to keep her arms straight, he would hit her on the back of her hand. When she refused to respond, Liu smacked her viciously across the left side of her face, causing her to see stars, temporarily lose her sight, experience a ringing in her ears and lose hearing in her left ear. She angrily questioned the officer, “What law have I broken by believing in God? How could you abuse me like this?” Liu berated her, saying, “The Communist Party does not tolerate faith in God! Your belief in God is illegal, I can beat you to death with impunity!” Liu then proceeded to pressure Wang Hongxia to divulge her home address so that the police could search her house, but when she refused to respond, he viciously punched her in the back of her head and then grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head backwards, forcing her to look upwards. Wang Hongxia had, by then, had all the strength tortured out of her and was unable to continue keeping her arms straight, which led Liu to beat her viciously on the fingers once more while pressuring her to divulge information. When Wang still refused to respond, Liu angrily grabbed her by the hair and pushed on the tip of her nose, saying, “If you don’t talk, I’ll kill you. Killing you believers in God is as easy as stomping an ant to death!”

In the end, the police forced Wang Hongxia to lead them to her house. While searching her house, they seized a computer with faith-related materials, a hard drive, several memory cards and 1,400 RMB (about 196 USD) of Wang Hongxia’s own money. Once they had finished, they took Wang right back to the police station.

At 9 a.m. on the following morning, Liu once again dragged Wang Hongxia into the bathroom without cameras and ordered her to kneel down. As Wang bent over, Liu viciously kicked her several times, causing her to tumble to the ground and very nearly hit her head on the wall. Liu then walked over to her, lifted her up by her hair into a kneeling position, and, before she had time to react, kicked her square in the mouth, causing her gums to bleed and lips to swell at once. When Wang Hongxia went to wipe the blood from her mouth, another officer beat her on the hand with a wooden ruler, ordering her to extend her arms straight out in front of her. They continued to torture her in this way for 20 minutes. Liu then stamped on her feet in exasperation (her feet immediately became swollen) and then punched her hard on the right shoulder. This sucker punch left Wang’s right shoulder in immense pain and over ten days later the area was still badly bruised. Ultimately Liu called off the interrogation without obtaining any new information.

On that afternoon, Wang Hongxia was charged with “illegally disturbing public order” and was sentenced to detainment for 14 days. On August 8, she was released.