Christian Qin Shiqin Dies from 10-Day Interrogation by Torture After Arrested for Religious Belief

Christian family saw a Christian who was persecuted to death in the morgue (scene picture)

Qin Shiqin, female, born in 1969, was a resident of Yuanhou community in Xifuzhen sub-district of Chengyang district of Qingdao city in the eastern province of Shandong. She joined The Church of Almighty God (CAG) in 2002. The CCP carried out a unified arrest operation in Qingdao city on August 10, 2020 after surveilling and tracing CAG Christians for three months. Qin Shiqin was among those who were arrested that day. She died ten days after interrogation by torture, at the age of 51.

Around half past 7 a.m. on August 10, 2020, Qin Shiqin was making copies of religious materials for a fellow Christian when she was arrested by over ten plainclothes police officers and taken to a basement of the local police station for interrogation. Ten days later, she was sent to the hospital and died after all rescue measures proved ineffective. As she has passed away, there is no way to get specific information on her interrogation.

According to sources, on August 20, 2020, two police officers carried Qin Shiqin (with her hands cuffed together) and took her to a hospital in Qingdao’s Chengyang district. Upon noticing that Qin Shiqin looked pale and had difficulty in breathing, medical workers urged the officers to take her to the emergency room, but the officers said carefreely that she pretended to be ill. When Qin Shiqin was carried to the emergency room, she had stopped breathing. It was later heard from a doctor that Qin Shiqin died a sudden death due to high blood sugar level. According to Qin’s family members, Qin was in a good health before death, without any old illness.

Afterward, for fear that their evil actions to damage Qin Shiqin would be exposed to the light, the police prohibited anybody to concern themselves about this incident or ask about the cause of Qin’s death, and also forbade medical workers from discussing about the cause of her death.

Only after Qin passed away did the police phoned her family and told them that she died of a sudden heart attack. Her family members rushed to the hospital, and when they visited Qin’s body in the mortuary, the police surveilled them all the way. Her family members noticed her face swollen and the corners of her mouth covered with blood marks, which were obvious signs of torture. They then had suspicions of the cause of Qin’s death, and wanted to investigate the truth of her death. However, the police kept her medical record from them on various pretexts.

During that period, Qin’s family members discussed with the officers from the police station, and finally the officers agreed to compensate 200,000 RMB (about $ 30,000) to settle this death case in private. The officers also claimed that Qin’s family could appeal to the court if they disagreed the compensation, but threatened to have Qin’s children’s study in higher schools and their employment affected and have her relatives implicated if the court sentenced her for her belief. As Qin’s family had no power or influence, and took their future livings into consideration, they had no choice but to suffer indignities without appeal and agreed to cremate Qin’s body.