Christian Interrogated Secretly for 41 Days, Left with Multiple Injuries and Disabilities

The police is torturing the Christian.
The police is torturing the Christian. (File photo not party )

Li An (pseudonym), male, born in 1966, from the eastern province of Jiangsu, is a Christian of The Church of Almighty God (CAG). On April 20, 2020, he was arrested by the CCP police for his belief. To extort information about the Church, the police subjected him to torture, causing him multiple injuries and aftereffects.

On April 20, the Nantong city government in Jiangsu Province carried out a unified arrest operation targeting CAG Christians, resulting in arrests of at least 20 Christians, among whom was Li An. He was taken to a local hotel for secret interrogation that day.

The police cuffed Li to a tiger bench – a kind of torture tool – and forced him to give up the information on the church. As he told nothing, the police gave him hard slaps across the face, hit his face fiercely with a newspaper roll, and punished him by making him stand in a half-squat position. He was tormented so much that he suffered extremely and fainted to the ground in prostration.

Two days later, the police continued to interrogate Li An under torture. They used a rope to bind his hands tightly to the back of a chair, and stepped heavily on the rope, viciously threatening to disable his hands. Then, the police repeatedly gave him slaps on the face, causing his cheeks swollen and bruised. They also ordered him to put his hands on his knees with his palms upward, and jumped to trample on his hands with their leather shoes. Not only that, the police also deprived him of sleep, and they would strike the desk, shout at him, kick him, or pour cold water on his head whenever he dozed off. They even punished him on two occasions by making him do half squats with thick ice in his hands.

After being cuffed to the tiger bench for 15 days, Li An had his buttocks skinned, had his legs and feet seriously bloated, and had unbearable pain in his neck.

After the police tortured Li An for 41 days in the hotel, they planned to send him to a detention house, but he was examined to suffer severe kidney stone disease. The police fined him before releasing him, and confined him to the city, claiming that his case had not been settled.

The police torture caused Li An aftereffects. His buttocks suffered serious heat sores and were left with palm-sized bruised dead flesh, so that he could not sit for long. His legs often hurt such that he could not stand for long. As the soft tissues of his neck were injured and he suffered cervical disc herniation, his neck ached after lowering his head for a little while.