The Pulse: Causeway bay Bookstore Book Seller Lam Wing-kee Spoke out, Discussion With Albert Ho & William Nee

We are looking at what can only be described as a bombshell news conference held on Thursday by, Lam Wing-kee, one of the Causeway Bay booksellers detained on the Mainland, and, according to Mr Lam’s testimony, detained illegally. His account of what happened differs in most respects from that of his colleagues who maintained that they were at fault and that their arrests were legal. His bottom line is that what happened represents a severe challenge to the concept of one-country two systems. With us in the studio are legislator Albert Ho and William Nee, China Researcher with Amnesty International.

For Hong Kong’s pro-establishment politicians “One Belt, One Road” is the mantra they love to repeat. It’s a plan that originated with Xi Jinping and heavily pushed by Zhang Dejiang during his visit to Hong Kong. The Chief Executive is one of its biggest fans, repeating the term more than 40 times in his recent Policy Address. He wants to set aside a billion Hong Kong dollars for educational exchanges with countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and even Syria. It is however a scheme that has been greeted with skepticism.

Well, you’d think that the Education Bureau would be interested in promoting a scholarship to boost internationalism and global exchanges. However when we asked Secretary for Education Eddie Ng or any of his colleagues to come to explain it they refused. Thankfully, not everyone is so reluctant. With us in the studio are legislators Michael Tien and Chan Ka-lok.