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In China, Hospital Security Guards Beat Reporter Investigating Claims of Misconduct

On December 23, 2017

reporter Shaanxi

Several security staff allegedly beat Shaanxi Broadcasting Corporation reporter Wang Yi, when he went to a public hospital in Shaanxi province on December 4, 2017 to report on claims of misconduct, according to news reports.

Wang was investigating claims that the hospital was allegedly trying to charge the family of a deceased patient RMB 100,000 (US$15,142) for using its mortuary to store the dead woman’s body, according to Hong Kong Free Press. A court in July 2017 had ordered the hospital to pay the woman’s family compensation for improper care after she died while in labor in 2015.

Wang had been to the hospital four times to investigate the allegations. According to news reports and a report published by his employer, Shannxi Broadcasting Corporation, Wang called the county’s public relations office and gave notice of his attempt to interview hospital personnel in advance. On the day he visited the hospital, Wang presented his journalist credentials and a formal introduction letter to a high-level employee, the reports said. After listening to Wang’s interview request, the employee left the room and returned a few minutes later with the guards, whom he allegedly ordered to beat the journalist, the report said.

About 10 personnel punched and kicked Wang and then locked him in the mortuary for about 15 minutes, according to the report on the Shannxi Broadcasting Corporation’s website. After releasing Wang, the security guards allegedly forcibly gave Wang RMB 2,000 (US$303) and told him to smile for a picture, according to news reports.

Wang suffered a head injury and had bruises on the back, chest, legs, and arms, according to the Shannxi Broadcasting Corporation’s report, which published a photo showing bruises and marks to Wang’s back.

The Zhouzhi county government issued a press release on December 5, stating that the public security bureau had arrested six hospital staff in connection with the assault and that it has suspended the hospital chairman.

Source:  Committee to Protect Journalists/CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

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