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Missing Pakistani Peace Activist Returns Home

On July 21, 2018

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Missing Pakistani Peace Activist Returns Home
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A Pakistani social media and peace activist who has been missing since December has resurfaced.

Police officials say Raza Khan returned to Lahore last week but did not provide further details.

Khan went missing last year after arranging an open discussion focusing on extremism and blasphemy. During the discussion, he severely criticized the government.

Despite raising his voice against extremist ideologies, minorities rights and blasphemy laws in Pakistan, Khan also was a proponent of friendship between Pakistan and India. He was an active member of Aghaz-e-Dosti (Beginning of Friendship) — an initiative to promote peace and harmony between the archrivals.

Mehdi Hasan, a prominent human rights activist based in Lahore, condemned Khan’s abduction last year. He said it was evident who was responsible for Khan’s abduction.

“When you are a progressive activist and criticize the military and the government, you have to pay a price. The basic violations of human rights are committed by the government’s agencies in this country, who must have been behind Khan’s abduction.”

The Pakistani government and the military have always denied any involvement in the disappearances of activists.

Source: VOA

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