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“Know Your Rights!” — The 69th Celebration of International Human Rights Day Is Hosted in Madrid

On December 17, 2017


ADHRRF – On December 10, 2017, the Todo Mejora Foundation and Asociacion FOARE co-hosted the 69th International Human Rights Day celebrations on Santa Catarina Street in Madrid. The event aims to popularize human rights and at the same time calls for international human rights institutions and people from all walks of life to pay attention to human rights.

Many organizations participated in the celebrations, as invited by the organizers, including ADHRRF, AESCO, Confederacion Española de Inmigrantes, etc.

During the event, representatives of the various associations discussed international human rights situations and various factors that have infringed upon citizens’ human rights, such as politics, war, social violence and persecution of religion by families and governments.

The ADHRRF representative said that human rights are innately equal and that everyone should enjoy the freedom of human rights. However, human rights are trampled on all around the world. In particular, the human rights situation in China continues to deteriorate, retrogress and get worse. According to data, CCP authorities have long suppressed and persecuted religious beliefs, and Christians are stripped of their human rights. Among them, the Christians of The Church of Almighty God are most persecuted. Because of the blockade of news by CCP authorities, the outside world only sees China’s affluence and overlooks the CCP’s trampling of human rights, so he called for greater attention to be paid to the human rights situation in China.

On the issue of the popularization of human rights, at around 11 a.m. that day, the organizers also held a training session on human rights titled “Know Your Rights!” The audience also participated and learned about 30 human rights as listed in the event brochure, such as the right to life, the right to freedom of speech, the right to nationality and so on, each with a video introduction. Afterward, Ms. Isabel Ayuso, the secretary of the organizing body, asked the participants questions and from which people present learned from each other.

A Chinese Christian admitted: “I have never studied these things before. It is only today that I realize that people have so many rights. This is of great help to me.”

At the end of the training session, attendees gave free brochures on issues such as “What Are Human Rights” and “The History of Human Rights” to passers-by in the Puerta del Sol so that more people could understand and value human rights on this special day.

Representatives of different associations are communicating with each other. (Photo: Qin Shang)
The representative of ADHRRF is giving a speech. (Photo: Qin Shang)
Ms. Isabel Ayuso is hosting the questions and answers session. (Photo: Qin Shang)
Group photo of the representatives of different associations. (Photo: Qin Shang)

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