Amnesty International Launches Signature Campaign to Support Chinese Human Rights Defenders

Amnesty International Launches Signature Campaign to Support Chinese Human Rights Defenders

ADHRRF – On February 18, 2018, the third day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, Amnesty International Spain held an activity at Plaza de Callao to collect signatures for five Chinese human rights defenders, Liu Xia, Wang Quanzhang, Jiang Tianyong, Dong Guangping, and Ni Yulan. They demanded the Chinese government listen to the voice of right from the international community, stop all human rights violations, and release the illegally imprisoned rights activists as soon as possible.

On that day, a large roll-up banner with the slogan “For Human Rights in the Chinese Year of the Dog” stood out on one side of Plaza de Callao. The petition signing attracted the attention of many passers-by. They came to sign their names solemnly on the red ribbons, a symbol of the freedom of human rights. Over 20 Christians from China signed the petition one after another to express their support for human rights and honor to the five Chinese rights advocates and hope they regain freedom soon and keep on fighting for China’s human rights.

A Christian said in the interview, “This’s the force of justice. Human rights are highly valued in democratic countries. However, China just safeguards the interest of the ruling party, and the common people have no human rights at all. The Chinese government’s trampling of human rights has drawn strong condemnation from justice organizations and peace lovers across the world. Illegal house arrest, secret detention and cruel torture are the habitual means it uses to violate human rights.” They called on the Chinese government to respect human rights and make the freedom of religious belief as enshrined in the Constitution a reality for ordinary people in China.

A staff member of Amnesty International pointed it out that 2018 is a year of fighting for human rights. These “red ribbons for freedom” with collected signatures are planned to be turned over to the Chinese government by the Chinese Embassy in Spain. They are also the best New Year wishes sent by Amnesty International to the Chinese people.

The site of collecting signatures at Plaza de Callao, Madrid. (Photo: Fang Zheng)
Christians from China signing on the “red ribbon for freedom.” (Photo: Fang Zheng)

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