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Amnesty International Presents Letters and Signatures of Write for Rights to 10 Embassies

On January 20, 2018

The Church of Almighty God Belgium Amnesty

ADHRRF – On January 18, 2018, Amnesty International Belgium French-speaking Department held an event of Embassies Tour (Tournée des ambassades) to deliver all the 5,500 letters and 250,000 signatures collected from people of all circles in Belgium writing during its “Write for Rights” campaign in December 2017 for those around the world whose human rights have been violated. Those letters and signatures were presented to the respective embassies in Belgium of countries where these human rights defenders are located, with the hope that these letters will draw the governments’ attention to the current human rights situation of those persecuted victims and have them take further actions and investigations to stop the persecution.

Volunteers and representatives of French-speaking Department of Amnesty International Belgium started off from its headquarters at 9:30 in the morning and drove to the 10 embassies. Philippe Hensmans, the director of the Belgian French-speaking Department of Amnesty International was charged with handing the letters over to the embassies.

Several embassies received them, including Bangladesh, Madagascar, Jamaica, Honduras, Israel, Finland and Turkey. They opened the gates and accepted the letters. The staff member of Honduran embassy said they would investigate and deal with the matters mentioned in the letters. However, there was no response from Egyptian and Chinese embassy. Amnesty International worker said: “The Chinese embassy has never opened the door.”

It was learned that the letters delivered to Chinese embassy were people of all circles in Belgium signing to call on Chinese authority to stop the harassment and intimidation of Ni Yulan and her family.

A Christian of The Church of Almighty God who participated in this Embassies Tour said in an interview: “Chinese Communist Party has a long history of persecution of human rights and has never stopped persecuting human rights defenders. Christians are one of the persecuted groups as well. The CCP’s persecution posts serious threats to the personal security and right to survival of Christians. Some of them are living a displaced and homeless life. Many families were torn asunder and lost their members. Many have been forced to flee to European countries.”

It is known that Amnesty International launches the “Write for Rights” campaign worldwide every December. Supporters will write millions of letters for those 10 individuals and groups in the world whose basic human rights are seriously violated. This campaign has lasted for 15 years, and has now become one of the biggest events for human rights in the world.

Philippe Hensmans (right), the director of Belgian French-speaking Department of Amnesty International, hands the letters over to Honduran embassy officer (left). (Photo: Song Yu)
Volunteers proceed to send the letters to Israeli embassy. (Photo: Song Yu)
Volunteers come to Turkish embassy with a portrait of persecuted human rights activists. (Photo: Song Yu)

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