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On January 22, 2018


ADHRRF – On January 20, 2018, thousands of women and supporters gathered at Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto for Women’s March. Bianca Spence, one organizer of the march said this year’s march, with the theme of “Defining Our Future,” aimed to struggle for and defend women’s rights and hasten the change so as to make this city and country more inclusive and equal as well as filled with hope.

It is known that, in recent years, there is an increase in acts of hate and inequality throughout North America, including Canada. To end hate and protect justice in this city and country, organizers of this activity advocated: all people, including immigrants, refugees and those who have not yet gained legal status, have rights to enjoy equality and a happy life regardless of their race, religion, genders and orientation, disability or economic status; all should jointly call and fight for progress, peace and a brighter future.

Ahead of procession, Ms. Denise Hammond, an organizer of the march said in an interview that it can be seen this year the funds provided for childcare and public services have already been increased and some accomplishments have been made through Women’s March in January, 2017. Hopefully this year’s procession will encourage people to continue participating and make a difference together. A positive effect will be achieved as long as the majority of women are in solidarity.

In the march, ten speakers delivered speeches demanding a change in women’s rights and respect for women. Zanana Akande, a former member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, said it is an opportunity for women to gather together and support each other, which is the most important issue. Current Toronto City Councilor, Kristy Wong-Tam also gave a speech at the end of the march, hoping all women will be respected and valued.

Some participants were interviewed, including Christians from The Church of Almighty God and some citizens of Barrie who participated in the Women’s March in Washington in 2017. Although they joined in the march with different intentions, their demands for respect of women’s rights and their expectation of future are consistent.
It is reported that Women’s March in Toronto was just one of several marches taking place across the country. There were also marches in Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and some other cities. More and more women are fighting for human rights, freedom and equality.

Thousands of participants gather at Nathan Phillips Square and are listening to the speaker. (Photo: Qian Xun, Qian Mo)
Marchers support and fight for women’s rights with slogans in hands. (Photo: Qian Xun, Qian Mo)
Toronto City Councilor Kristy Wong-Tam is delivering a speech at the rally. (Photo: Qian Xun, Qian Mo)